Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your pecans grown?
Our pecans are grown in north Florida and south Georgia.

What is the best way to keep pecans fresh?
Like all nuts, pecans are best stored in the shell. Pecans stored in the shell will last six to eight months in the pantry or freeze them for a three to four year shelf life! The shell will protect the nut from freezer burn. Shelled pecans can be stored for three to four months in the pantry or throw them in the freezer for a two year shelf life.

What can I use pecan meal with?
Pecan meal, also known as pecan granules, goes great with cookies, cakes, cheese balls, ice cream, and as a batter for chicken and fish. The possibilities are endless!

What is the difference between a papershell pecan and a regular pecan?
A papershell pecan, as opposed to a regular pecan, is extremely easy to crack. Most pecans require a nutcracker, but not papershell. Just take one or two and crack them with your hands.

When are pecans harvested?
Pecans are harvested October through March.